Our team has the expertise to restore historic objects and architectural features back to their former glory. Cliveden Conservation can also create exact replicas from an existing original or by using available archive material.

Cliveden Conservation is able to move, store and relocate collections, tombs, monuments and statues of all shapes and sizes.

We have carried out work for museums, sculpture galleries, sculpture gardens, local councils, churches, abbeys and private individuals.

Our expertise extends to safe packaging and transport for heavy and / or delicate items.

Here are some examples:

  • Chatsworth sculpture gallery
  • Sculpture in the Marble Saloon at Stowe
  • Sculpture atop temples in landscape gardens and monuments
  • Sculpture in Covent Garden
  • Sculpture in Buckingham Palace
  • Statuary at Waddesdon, interior and exterior
  • Roman mosaics

Over 30 years of trusted expertise