Peterborough Cathedral, Cambridgeshire

The team from the Houghton workshop in Norfolk were the conservators behind the fantastic mosaic floor conservation in the cathedral presbytery which consisted of replacement tesserae and substrate stabilisation. The 150 panels were constructed with four different stone components, the green slate having delaminated and pressured the adjacent units there was extensive conservation treatments by the team of 13 over the ten month period. Works were either onsite in localised areas or the larger and more extensive works completed in the Norfolk workshop on the bench.

The green slate was completely removed to the whole floor area and replaced with a match marble and the other colours were replaced with stock that the cathedral housed from other areas of the cathedral from other restoration works. The original materials were prepared to fit the new locations and bedded on a lime mortar bed and the whole area grouted with a lime mortar fluid grout.

Client: Peterborough Cathedral

Architect: Stephen Oliver Architects

Main Contractor: Cliveden Conservation Workshop

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