Surveys and Reports

We believe that any intervention into historic fabric should be attempted without prior comprehensive survey. Cliveden Conservation surveys provide vital information regarding historic importance, cultural significance, provenance and seeks to assess the impact of any proposed remedial work. The survey (supported by measurement and the production of CAD drawings) details; present condition, materials and style of construction, causes of decay and damage, and provides information to assess and quantify necessary remedial works. Our report provides a clear understanding of present condition and any remedial works required and allows for informed tender submissions and an accurate statement of costs to clients.

Our surveys start from historic research and progress to on-site photographic work with measurement to produce CAD drawings which can be annotated by our surveyors. Our in-house CAD technician is responsible for producing scaled drawings and will be the first to visit the site. Following on from this our surveyors examine all aspects of the work under scrutiny. Ceilings are carefully push-tested (with gloved fingers) to identify loose and fragile materials. All defects- cracks, failure of surface coatings, eroded or stained patches and lacunae are clearly marked on drawings. We can also provide 3D scan ceilings in great detail to provide accurate records and a walk-through.

Further investigation
Where necessary, having found defects with push testing and other examination from the surface, investigation progresses to the upper surface of the ceiling, within the floor void above in order to understand the structure, confirm initial findings, investigate sources of damp or structural movement and mark these findings on to reflected drawings of the ceiling. On occasion it is necessary to install safe access and lighting and to clear ceiling voids of debris within roof voids and to lift floorboards carefully on intermediate floors. In order to detail the extent and technique of repairs it is absolutely necessary to have a clear understanding of all related aspects of the construction and materials of construction. Samples may be taken at this stage for lab analysis. Paint samples are sent to our partners Crick Smith for analysis of paint age, binder type, colour stratification and pigment type and mortar samples are analysed in our own laboratory.

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