Mould making and casting

Cliveden Conservation provides a service for the reproduction of sculpture in all materials and all variations of ornamental plasterwork. This can take the form of casting from the original, where the original is in sufficiently robust condition to allow for this and the patination of the original would not be damaged. Where necessary repairs and replacement of missing elements of the original can be re-instated to the client’s approval prior to the mould being made.

In all cases consultation between ourselves and the client is undertaken to understand both the material nature, history and limitations of the original object and the client’s requirements and expectations.In some cases, where the original is too fragile to be directly moulded a laser scan can be made in order to produce a CNC’d copy from which a mould can be made without direct contact with the original work. We work closely with (laser company) to create the most accurate three dimensional scans possible with contemporary machinery.

Mould making
Mould making is usually undertaken in silicon rubber with a case mould of fibreglass. Casts can be produced in a variety of materials the choice of which depends on the final location of the sculpture and the desired surface appearance. Great care is taken to develop a casting medium which matches the client’s requirements both environmental and aesthetic. Casts can be patinated to closely match the original or coated in accordance with the wishes of the client.

Where it is necessary to replace lost sections of ornamental plasterwork we are able to take in-situ squeeze moulds from existing work which allow us to reproduce matching sections in our workshop for on site insertion. Generally, we would suggest the removal of deep paint build-ups which occur over time in order to make a true facsimile of the original crisp detailing.

Our team of modellers are also available for the production of bespoke designs that can be reproduced in either solid cast form or as fibrous work.

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