External Renders


Cliveden Conservation have experience in external rendering from vernacular daubs and pargetting to fine stucco work on town houses, stately homes and ecclesiastical buildings for private clients and institutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of finish and attention to detail exhibited in our work. Attention is paid to the composition of original materials, surface texture, patination and substrate repair where necessary. We work closely with advisory bodies and clients to achieve superlative work with a concern for detail independent of the size of the project.

Decorative elements 
We have experience in the in-situ running of external cornices, pediments and other decorative elements. We are also experienced in the application of limewashes, sheltercoats and the use of self coloured renders where materials and aggregates are chosen for their colouring ability and obviate the need for any further coating.

External renders  
External renders form a major part of the aesthetic appeal of a building and are a crucial component in the maintenance of a weatherproof envelope. Using the right materials with correct technique is important for both the repair of existing renders and the replacement of lost work. In renders form and function are inseparable and we have, at Cliveden Conservation a deep understanding drawn from experience and research informing our recommendations and methods which are always building-led responding to the needs of both structure and client and mediated by on- site survey, historic investigation and materials analysis.

Our main business is, as conservators, in the use of traditional materials and we conduct our own laboratory based research into the material composition of historic renders. We are well versed in the use of hot limes and recommend materials that conform to current good practice. As members of the Building Limes Forum we are passionate about the development of outstanding lime based materials in terms of both form and function.

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