We specialise in conservation and restoration of plaster 

Cliveden Conservation has a dedicated skilled Plaster Section who play an integral role in the cleaning, repair and reinstatement of ceilings, architectural features, statues and decorative pieces. We use a unique blend of modern and traditional plaster techniques for projects which require new castings, freehand modelling and repair work.

Our Plaster Section use a variety of casting techniques to reproduce and reinstate decorative plasterwork such as ceilings, sculptures, busts, plaques and friezes. We have perfected materials suitable for exterior settings and statue restoration.

We specialise in the repair and restoration of ceilings, decorative plaster and mouldings. Our professional conservators have successfully repaired and reinstated ceilings within several National Trust properties and other historically significant iconic buildings including The Café Royal, London and Stowe House.

As advisors to the National Trust, English Heritage and many renowned architects we have become respected experts in historic plaster restoration and conservation. Our knowledge is backed by practical and highly skilled expertise including freehand modelling, traditional lime plastering techniques, and the construction and installation of fibrous plaster reproductions.

Our expert Plaster Section reconstruct or repair plasterwork in the most appropriate way using traditional techniques (lime, hair and lath) or modern methods (moulds and fibrous plaster), sometimes using a combination of both. We regularly provide our plaster conservation services to historic buildings that are open to the public and need to comply with the Equality Act and Health and Safety regulations. Our team of plaster conservators are experienced in the sensitive remodelling of interiors to integrate modern necessities, such as sound amplification and fire and smoke detectors.

Cliveden Conservation is frequently commissioned to undertake trials and re-rendering using lime-based materials. We have recently completed major projects at Cheyne Walk and Grosvenor Square in London. We also carry out lime-washing of interior and exterior locations and are well-versed in the use of modern mineral coatings where applicable.

Solid Plaster

Plastering, traditionally in lime based materials is referred to as ‘solid’ in distinction from the lighter weight plaster of Paris and hessian based ‘fibrous’ work. Solid plasterwork includes lath and plaster work, solid casting, run-in-situ moulded work and freehand modelling and has uses both internally and externally.
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Fibrous plasterwork

Fibrous plasterwork is a lightweight substitute for ‘solid’ lime plastering. It was developed as a technique in the mid- nineteenth century to enable the mass production of ornamental work for the expanding Victorian market. Large sections of either embellished flatwork or cornices can be made in the workshop and fixed on site saving on site time and avoiding the long curing times of traditional lime work.
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Mould making and casting

We provide a service for the reproduction of sculpture in all materials and all variations of ornamental plasterwork. This can take the form of casting from the original, where the original is in sufficiently robust condition. Where necessary repairs and replacement of missing elements of the original can be re-instated.
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Paint removal and redecoration

As with all of our work paint removal procedures begin with consultation with client and contract administrators to define the extent of removal desirable and the most desirable results. Consultation leads on to trials and analysis. Historic paint schemes can lie obscured beneath layers of modern paint and can be replicated if this is desirable by the use of stratigraphic analysis of the paint by our specialist conservators.
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Surveys and Reports

Our survey provides information regarding historic importance, cultural significance, provenance and seeks to assess the impact of any proposed remedial work. The survey, supported by measurement and the production of CAD drawings details present condition, materials and style of construction, causes of decay and damage and provides information to assess and quantify necessary remedial works.
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External Renders

We have experience in external rendering from vernacular daubs and pargetting to fine stucco work on town houses, stately homes and ecclesiastical buildings for private clients and institutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of finish and attention to detail exhibited in our work. Attention is paid to the composition of original materials, surface texture, patination and substrate repair where necessary.
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