Mortar Analysis


Our in-house laboratory facilities allow us to carry out analysis in order to determine what materials should be used to reproduce and match strength, porosity, texture and colour.

We can also assist in the identification of stone, locating quarries that can provide suitable replacement stone when new material is required. Tools available to support these services include:


  • Chemical analysis of plaster and mortar based on BS4551:2005
  • Interpretation of results using specially developed in-house software, SeleX© which aids in locating the nearest quarry able to provide a close match in respect of colour, grain size distribution and shape. Another facility is the identification of up to 4 ingredients and their proportions corresponding to the results of the chemical analysis. This examines 12 ingredients combined in 330 different ways.
  • X-ray diffraction to identify the species of salt present in a sample
  • X-ray fluorescence to identify the elemental composition of a sample
  • Infra-red analysis to aid in chemical radical identification
  • Indicator strip to indicate pH and sulphate, nitrate and chloride levels
  • Microscopy using optical and scanning electron microscopes
  • Compression testing of mortars, plaster and stone

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