Traditional plasterwork is generally in lime based material. Stucco or freehand modelling is made with finely graded lime plaster. Large flat areas of lime plaster are of a similar material but layered with added hair for strength placed upon wooden frames of laths and battens.

More modern ‘traditional’ plaster dating from the early 19th century is known as fibrous plaster, this is cast gypsum based material reinforced with hessian and other supportive elements.

As part of our reinstatement work, we have been called upon to use casting techniques more widely.

Casting is for a variety of uses such as:

  • Reproducing and reinstating decorative plaster works such as ceilings, sculptures, busts, plaques and friezes.
  • Creating new embellishments.

Cliveden Conservation, with the aid of its laboratory services, perfected plasters suitable for exterior settings for the reinstatement of the statuary at Stowe, where reproductions of statuary sold in the Great Sale of 1920 were created for the temples of Venus, Ancient Virtue, Concord, as well as the Ring of Saxon Deities.

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