Cliveden Conservation is highly regarded for conservation consultation and specification at the most important sites around the world.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Petrie Museum, London
  • Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
  • Aphrodisias, Turkey – one of the oldest and most sacred sites in Turkey
  • Wall of Aspelta at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
  • Chedworth Roman Villa mosaics, Gloucestershire
  • Romans Baths Museum, Bath

About Aphrodisias site, Turkey

Cliveden Conservation have been working at Aphrodisias since 1990. Trevor Proudfoot began the work there as a personal project and has invited members of the workshop to join him since 1993. As the work takes place in the full critical view of New York and Oxford University staff and students, and the standard of work and the way that it is carried out is of the highest quality.

We also train and lead local people to carry out the work, and along with student groups from the universities, conduct research and surveys, put the built elements back together as part of a complex schedule of restoration and conservation.

30 Years of trusted expertise

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