Decorative Arts

As well as all the intensive hard labour and physical demands of our work, there is often the need for a delicate hand and intricate detail, whether its gilding letter work or repairing fine detail on a mosaic.

These additional crafts and disciplines make up a significant proportion of our work and demand very high skillset in the respective fields (painting, gilding, metal work, mosaics and statuary work).   We are constantly performing research, trials and analysis of our methods and applications within these areas.


Cliveden Conservation is highly regarded for conservation consultation and specification at the most important sites around the world.


Cliveden prides itself in retaining specialist skills for the more traditional of crafts.


Our experience as sculpture conservators and the makers of statuary ensures that we are well placed..


Cliveden Conservation’s combination of experience and craftsmanship is regularly called upon to conserve…


The cleaning and consolidation of painted and polychrome surfaces needs to be undertaken with extreme care…


For over 20 years we have been, by appointment, responsible for the care and maintenance of the National Trust Country House…