Based on surveys and analysis, usually carried out by our lab or individual departments, we can provide specifications for work for a multitude of projects.

Trials are carried out to test methods of work in order to direct a methodology and specification for areas of various levels of soiling or decay. Some of these methods include cleaning, consolidation, limewashing, securing, pinning, and repointing.

Specifications and scope of works are presented in report format with an estimated cost for the works to be carried out.

Here are some examples of recent projects:

  • East Porch at Charlecote Park, 16th century – mortar, stone and lichen analysis, cleaning techniques and materials, stone replacement samples
  • Aphrodisias, Turkey – repair and conservation
  • Gate Tower at Ightham Mote, 15th century – lime mortar shelter coat to protect stone work and blend with existing colours
  • University Church of St Mary the Virgin – cleaning and consolidation trials

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