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Here are the latest happenings here at Cliveden Conservation.

Cliveden Conservation Are Recruiting

Cliveden Conservation are recruiting Managers at all levels to take forward the Plaster and Decorative Arts sections as we continue to expand. For more information please contact us at our headquarters in Taplow. Tel: 01628 604721 email: [email protected]


Newsletters that encompass the recent work that Cliveden Conservation has completed.

The Queen’s College Library, Oxford

Cliveden Conservation has recently completed the restoration of the pediment, capitals and swags of The Queen’s College Library in Oxford. The work was carried out in conjunction with a huge conservation cleaning project to the two library floors inside the building.  The pediment tympanum depicts wisdom personified by a seated female figure, surrounded by attendant […]

Tewkesbury Abbey Restoration

A major programme of works was carried out to the South side of Tewkesbury Abbey in 2013 for Andrew Townsend Architects. The Abbey suffered a major fire in the 12th Century, as can be seen in the distinctly pink-toned limestone across the South Face.  The fire damage had left severely fractured stones, plus a later […]

Sir James Tillie Monument restoration shortlisted for two awards.

The restoration of the crumbling mausoleum to Sir James Tille, who built Pentillie Castle in 1698, was completed in Spring 2013. The Cliveden team of carvers and conservators involved should be very proud of their work being short-listed for both the Angel Awards (craftsmanship category) and the Georgian Group Awards. After being completely dismantled and transported back […]

“Threatened species returns to Downhill”

These two (lynx-like) sculptures of Ounces topping the gate piers to the Downhill estate were badly decayed. The restoration project involved the removal, conservation and return of the fragments of the sculptures, the carving of two new Ounces, and remounting these on the gate piers. There was also the preparation of the plinths prior to […]

‘‘Cold comfort on the Cliveden Estate’’

All the statuary and decorative stonework at Cliveden, and many of the fountains and gates, is regularly maintained by a strong team of volunteers and estate personnel. They help to clean and protect the collection against England’s changing winter weather. Cliveden Conservation’s head office is in the estate’s grounds and we advise and train these […]

‘‘All hail Caesar at Hever’’

We have recently begun a seven year project to conserve Hever Castle’s large collection of classical statuary and sculpture which dates from Roman times through to the Renaissance. The statues, urns, sarcophagi, well-heads and columns were brought to Hever between 1903 by collector of antiquities, William Waldorf Astor, when he was an American representative in […]

‘‘Greater gaiety for the Fountain of Love’’

This fountain, known as the Fountain of Love, is located on the Cliveden Estate, Berkshire. Cleaning and conservation had been carried out on this fountain before, but not to this extent. The frost damage to the Sienna marble shell was extensive and required immediate attention to avoid further problems. Lichen growth had covered the figures […]